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2022-06-29 22:39:44 By : Ms. Chloe Zou

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - With the announcement of an electric car plant headed to Southeast Georgia, some existing companies wonder how they’ll impact roads, rails, and other infrastructure already in high demand.

Hope Allen listened intently as state leaders talked about how business growth in Georgia puts demands on interstates, the ports, and more.

“The small business community has already had to make some of those changes immediately to make sure we meet deadlines with our customers,” Hope Allen, HD Drayage & Container said.

Leaders from across the state talked about logistics and supply chain challenges and how to fix them. Just a month ago, Hyundai Motor Group announced they’ll build a massive electric car plant in Bryan County near Interstate 16.

“The traffic is bad now. We’re about to add 20,000 jobs. We’ve got to be thinking ahead of that,” State Sen. Blake Tillery said.

Seth Millican from the Georgia Transportation Alliance says they’re already working on ways to accommodate more.

Ideas discussed today include adding designated freight lanes on Interstate 16, adding more places for container storage and others. But they’re also encouraging companies and communities to look for ways to adapt too.

“That’s the message “get read, it’s coming”. What I think a lot of business and local government leaders are asking themselves how they prepare for that,” Millican said.

Georgia Southern’s president says the university can help in researching solutions.

“We fit into that puzzle, to help problem solve and help make sure growth continues in the region,” Dr. Kyle Marrero said.

All want to see companies locate here, but they also want to make sure everyone has a road to success.

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